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How To Use Potassium Humate

Potassium humate is an efficient organic potassium fertilizer because the humic acid in it is a bioactive agent that can improve the quick-acting potassium content of soil, reduce potassium loss and fixation, increase the absorption and utilization of potassium by crops, and also has the functions of improving soil, promoting crop growth, increasing crop resistance, improving crop quality and protecting the agricultural ecological environment. With the deepening of the concept of balanced fertilization, mineral source humic acid has been accepted by more and more people and is highly expected. In this article, we will introduce the usage and precautions.
1.If the soil acidification or saline land, available mineral source humic acid potassium to adjust the acid and alkali, for the crop root system to create the more to create a good growth environment. The so-called root is born, the root is dead, deep roots and leaves, that is the truth.
2.After excessive chemical fertilizer soil salinization, caking, lack of organic matter, available mineral source of potassium humate to reduce soil conductivity, reduce the free salt in the soil, change the soil grain structure.
3.The effect is not satisfactory after using the biofungicide, available biofungus with mineral source of potassium humate, mineral source of potassium humate can provide carbon source for biofungus, increase the reproduction rate and number of beneficial bacteria, forming a dominant colony, forming space occupancy, crowding out the living space of harmful bacteria, so that the biofungicide play a greater role.
4.The ground temperature is low, because potassium dissolved in water will lead to lower water temperature, when flushing fertilizer with mineral source of potassium humate can alleviate the adverse effects of low temperature on the root system. In addition, the color of the ground surface is darker after flushing mineral source potassium humate, which is easier to absorb sunlight and helps to improve the ground temperature.
5.Before the dry and rainy seasons, the use of mineral source potassium humate will alleviate the field loss after the drought and flood to a certain extent. The more serious the extreme weather is, the more obvious the role of mineral source potassium humate shows on the crop.
6.Crop root stunting, premature failure, to use mineral source potassium humate, mineral source potassium humate can promote the development of crop capillary root.
7.Where the need to pursue the color and surface finish of the crop, to use the mineral source of potassium humate. Because the mineral source potassium humate can promote the synthesis of wax, keratin and lignin on the surface of the crop.
8.Crops that need to expand, use potassium mineral humate because potassium mineral humate can increase the number of cells in the expansion part, while increasing the cell volume.
9.Crops with weak growth and need to recover quickly should use potassium mineral humate.
Potassium humate works very well, but many people do not feel good after using it because they do not have a good grasp of how to use it. Here are a few common misconceptions for you to summarize.
1.Potassium humate is not the more you use at one time, the better, but a small number of times. It is better to use 5 kilograms at a time than 1 kilogram at a time and 4 times in a row.
2.Don’t just flush, combine flush and spray, the synergistic effect is more obvious.
3.Not every crop shows naked eye effect to mineral source potassium humate. When using, there should be prior knowledge of the positivity of crop response to.
A.The effect of mineral source potassium humate is most obvious on root crops, so the promotion test should catch radish, potato, sweet potato, etc.
B.Melons with wider leaves as well as wheat, rice, etc.
C.The effect is not obvious crops such as rape, castor and other oil crops, although the actual effect is there, such as the speed of root development, root to crown ratio, but the data can only be detected through scientific methods, it is difficult to identify with the naked eye.
4.Soil itself contains a lot of humic substances, and the effect of applying mineral source potassium humate is not obvious when the conditions are very good. Therefore, the mineral source of potassium humate can be used to “send charcoal in snow” rather than “add flowers to the cake”. It is better to use 1 kg for saline, acidified and caked soil than 5 kg for normal soil.